A Trip To The Big Easy

Last summer, my sister and I took a sister trip to New Orleans. This was such an amazing trip, and New Orleans is a beautiful place with so much history. I feel like a lot of people associate it only with drinking, so I’m going to highlight all the amazing non-drinking activities we did onContinue reading “A Trip To The Big Easy”

Best Netflix Originals To Binge On A Lazy Day

I’m sure everyone has lazy days where they just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a show on Netflix. However, with the endless options available, it’s sometimes hard to pick a show, and you end up wasting more time searching through the site than actually watching. Below, I have compiled a list of myContinue reading “Best Netflix Originals To Binge On A Lazy Day”

Screenwriting Tips

Please note, I am not a screenwriting expert. All I am is someone that loves storytelling. These are the tips I have come up with that have helped me the most with my writing. 1. Write and don’t stop writing. The first time I sat down to write, all of a sudden I had 30Continue reading “Screenwriting Tips”

My Last Normal Day: AERIEReal Summit 2020

My mom, sister, and I arrived in Brooklyn on March 8th, 2020 for the first annual AERIEReal summit. This was my sister’s birthday, but will also now forever be known as “my last normal day before the pandemic of 2020”. The AERIEReal summit was a day of powerful conversations with AerieReal role models to celebrateContinue reading “My Last Normal Day: AERIEReal Summit 2020”

Macbook Air 2020: Review From An Average, Non-Tech Millennial

I wanted to write this post because I know how important it is to read genuine reviews of a product before buying it. I did a lot of reading and research before buying my Macbook Air. What I found frustrating was how many reviews either 1) Were paid/part of a promotion 2) Focused on techContinue reading “Macbook Air 2020: Review From An Average, Non-Tech Millennial”

Finding Your Passion- How I Knew Sketching Was One Of Mine

How many times have you heard “find your passion”? I now know what that truly means. Find the thing, or things, a passion isn’t limited to a singular activity, that makes you feel better even on your bad days. A passion should be something that you look forward to putting in the hard work toContinue reading “Finding Your Passion- How I Knew Sketching Was One Of Mine”

Confession: I Don’t Want This Quarantine To End

Of course, I want it to end for what it represents- countless people being affected by a pandemic is not exactly what I, or anyone, want to live with forever. It is heartbreaking and scary to see something this huge and uncontrollable run through the world. More trivially, I want to be able to goContinue reading “Confession: I Don’t Want This Quarantine To End”

Three Days In LA

An Itinerary Last year, one of my best friends and I decided to take a trip to sunny Los Angeles. Since neither of us has a ton of vacation time, we took this trip over Memorial Day weekend, meaning we only had three days in the “City of Angels”. Even after dealing with a cancelledContinue reading “Three Days In LA”

Who Am I & Why Did I Start A Blog?

If you didn’t start by reading my “About” tab, my name’s Cassie, and I am a 27 year-old “twenty something”. I’m probably a lot like you. By day, I am an Accountant. However, I consider myself much more than that. I like to create- art, music, screenwriting, and now blogging. I don’t consider myself anContinue reading “Who Am I & Why Did I Start A Blog?”