Macbook Air 2020: Review From An Average, Non-Tech Millennial

I wanted to write this post because I know how important it is to read genuine reviews of a product before buying it. I did a lot of reading and research before buying my Macbook Air. What I found frustrating was how many reviews either 1) Were paid/part of a promotion 2) Focused on tech aspects that did not apply to me, as just an average person wanting to buy a Macbook. I hope this helps people, like me, make a decision on their purchase.


As everyone who has an Apple product can attest to, opening an Apple product always feels like it’s Christmas Morning. This powerful little machine was wrapped in the usual minimalist Apple packaging. I didn’t even need a scissor to open- taking it out of the packaging was fast and easy. The box includes the laptop and a charger.

Additionally, transferring the information over from my old Macbook Pro was so simple. I put them next to each other, made sure they were both connected to the WiFi, and all my files appeared on my new Macbook. The whole process took about 20 minutes.

Note: I purchased the “gold” color, but I think it is more “rose gold”, so be aware of this when purchasing.


The base model for the 2020 Macbook Air gives you a Core i3 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz, and 256 GB of storage. If you’re like me, that sounds like gibberish- but I did know that speed (processor) and storage were factors I was concerned about. I was concerned about a decrease in speed coming from my old MacBook Pro, so I upgraded to the Core i5 with Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz, and 512 GB of storage. My old laptop only had 128 GB of storage, so this is a huge upgrade for me. I was constantly having to delete files with only 128 GB of storage. The speed on this laptop is great.

With the upgrades I chose, it came to $1,299 before tax. If you are in school or are a teacher, you can get the education discount which brings it to $1,199. If you only need the base model, this comes to $999.


This took some research and contemplation for me, since I did have the 2015 MacBook Pro prior to buying this laptop. I read countless articles and watched videos and ultimately decided the Air was right for me. The biggest factor I kept reading was that the Pro is more suitable for photo and video editing. I never do either of those, so this was not a concern for me.

During my research, I noticed a lot of people were concerned about the fan running easily. I haven’t had any issues with the fan running or the laptop heating up yet– and I have had 7 tabs, a webinar, and email open all at the same time.


I love love love the weight of this laptop. It is 2.8 lbs compared to my 3.5 lb old Macbook Pro. It doesn’t sound like a huge weight difference, but somehow it feels so drastic when I compare the two. I used to hate dragging my laptop around and would sometimes resort to only bringing my iPad on trips. I can see myself taking this laptop everywhere, and I am so excited for that.


10/10 Apple. Thank you so much for this keyboard- it is AMAZING. The new scissor keyboard is such night and day compared to Apple’s old butterfly keyboard. The scissor keyboard is so easy to type on, and I find I can type way faster than before with few mistakes. I would honestly upgrade to the 2020 laptops for that. You don’t truly know what you’re missing until you try this keyboard.


I do want to note something sad: there is no longer a glowing apple on the back of the new laptops.

To be honest, the only factor that I like more about my old laptop is the glow of the Apple on the back. This is such a small thing, but I loved the way it looked on Apple laptops. It was a hardware decision to make the display thinner, but I will miss it. This is unavoidable if you are going to upgrade your laptop.


Other concerns I have seen people discussing:

  1. Display- I think that this has a great display, and I am very impressed. I always go for quality in TVs, laptops, etc., and this does not disappoint.
  2. Speakers- The speakers are definitely powerful and have a good sound. Disclaimer- I don’t use my laptop a ton in this sense. I usually watch video/listen to music through my phone or iPad.
  3. Battery Life- I have found this laptop to have a good battery life. If I am just browsing the web, it can last all day. If I am watching videos or doing anything that takes more power, I’d say it lasts around 8 hours.


Since I wanted to be able to see the beautiful (Rose) Gold color of the laptop, I got a clear case from Amazon that came with a keyboard cover and screen protector. I personally don’t like the keyboard covers, but it was a great deal for all of them.

Since I love matching items, I bought a stylish rose gold bluetooth mouse to match the laptop. It has worked well so far, especially for the low price. The mouse also comes in many other colors.

I will link the case and mouse below:


After using this Macbook Air for about a month, I must say I absolutely love it. I don’t have any complaints and definitely do not regret going for the Air instead of the Pro. The speed, keyboard, and portability make this an amazing choice for anyone.

If you have any other questions about this laptop, don’t hesitate to comment below or send me a message- I’m happy to help!

3 thoughts on “Macbook Air 2020: Review From An Average, Non-Tech Millennial

  1. I love your review for a few reasons. I have a Mac air that I’ve been thinking about upgrading, but am not techy either. it’s refreshing to read the reality from someone at my level and it sounds great. now I know what to do when I get ready, thanks!

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  2. I absolutely DO NOT love my Air! One reason is the quality of the camera. I do a lot of videos and depending on the platform, it’s pretty dark and grainy compared to my 2012 Pro 😦 Everything else you’ve said, I agree with.


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